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The P2R core facility is located in Nantes and is accessible to teams from France and abroad.

P2R, a French core facility established in Nantes in 1999, has recognized experience in the routine production of multimerisable MHC/peptide class I complexes, whether human, mouse or rat. P2R also produces the non-conventional HLA-E MHC and MHC-related proteins, such as human and murine MR1 and human MicA.

P2R can help you with your epitope screening and T cell population characterization projects, by producing your MHC/peptide class I complexes in 96-well format.

For SFR François Bonamy users, P2R offers its expertise for recombinant protein production projects in the field of health research. The platform can perform protein, antibody and peptide analyses, as well as purifications on demand.

Depending on the level of involvement of the platform you need, we offer our expertise in the form of services or collaborations.

P2R is available to academic or private users in France and abroad for the production of MHC/peptide and related proteins.

Affiliation and networks:

P2R is IBISA certified and part of the UMS Inserm US16 / CNRS UAR 3556 – Nantes Université unit (BioCore) and the SFR Bonamy. It is part of the proteomic axis of the Biogenouest network and the European P4EU network