Routine production of:

  • MHC/peptide class I complexes (peptide to be provided by the user):
    • Human: HLA-A2, HLA-B7, HLA-B27, HLA-B35, HLA-E
    • Murine: H2Kb
    • Rat: RT1Aa, RT1Af
    • Human MicA
    • Murine MR1 (ligand to be provided by the user)
  • Custom production of MHC/peptide class I complexes: other heavy chains on request

Service, for example:

  • Purification of culture supernatants
  • Analytical controls of proteins or peptides
  • Protein concentration by frontal filtration under nitrogen or tangential pressure (from 20 ml to 15 litres)
  • Protein production in bacteria (scale mg to hundreds of mg)
  • Production in mammalian cells: agitated cultures (< 3 litres) or bioreactor (< 15 litres)
  • Determination and elimination of endotoxins
  • Protein production in acellular system (RTS 500)
  • Collaborations with users to monitor the entire project, from production steps to purification

Training in chromatography techniques
Autonomous use of purification stations